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iplanITCT-REZ Event Management is a comprehensive and proprietary on-line meeting and event management solution developed, owned and operated by COLUMBUS TRAVEL.


CT-REZ Event Management works the way an end user would expect a registration and events management application to work. It is built with the end user in mind and is intuitive, simple, logical, and is laid out in an easy to follow sequencing format.


CT-REZ Event Management was also designed with the event program management in mind. It provides useful data, comprehensive financial reporting, marketing information, and can be accessed 24/7. Compared to other event registration technologies in the market today, CT-REZ Event Management is consistently more cost effective with lower transaction and engagement fees.


Online Registration

This module provides to the event management a concise view of participant information.

Housing Management

This module provides a number of features, including various pricing modules, integration of housing costs in registration fees, the ability to manage room types, block and sub-block management, and room list management. Also included in this module is a Cruise Ship Inventory Management tool.

Participant Management

This module allows for client branding and customized forms that can be quickly changed to meet specific registration and business qualification needs. This page can be integrated into an organization?s web site for easy access by attendees. Participants can capture travel documentation, and re-access their registration records to make unlimited changes. All inventories and reports can be shared across any event.

Optional Activities Management

This module provides valuable management of all optional activities, including specific views, reporting, sessions, tracks, workshops, tours, food and beverage choices, and other items.

Reporting and Data Management

Robust reporting and data capture capabilities exist through CT-REZ Event Management. Data capture and reports can be expanded or customized beyond what is found in our standard report package:

  • Cruise manifests
  • Flight manifests
  • Arrival and departure lists
  • Activity lists
  • Address lists
  • Vouchers and tickets for events
  • Mailing labels and email broadcast lists storable by a number of criteria including certain pre-selected events, addresses, events not selected, etc.

Financial Management

This module includes credit card processing, tracking of pending payments, complete integrated financial histories, complete Quality Control processes, record access from Quality Control grids, application of cancellation fees based on pre-established time frames, etc. A complete history of financial events is tracked, including date and time stamps for receipts, and cancellations and refunds. All of these Financial Management processes can apply to multi-vendor programs.

Multilingual Capacity

CT-REZ Event Management can now be used by participants from most major nations in their native languages. Our chief programmer has developed multilingual systems through past work in both Europe and Asia and has made this useful feature a part of the CT-REZ Event Management suite of services.

Communications to Potential Registrants

CT-REZ Event Management can provide e-mail broadcast messages to registrants who have not as of yet signed up for certain events. These outgoing emails can be sorted against those who have already registered.